Unpacking in P’Town

Runs Mar 1Mar 31, 2024
By:Jewelle Gomez

Every summer, former vaudevillians Buster, Lydia, Minty, and Scottie reunite in Provincetown to drink, dance, and forget about the real world. But this year is different. It’s 1959, the fight for Civil Rights is heating up, and a restlessness hangs heavy in the humid air. In between the reminiscing, this chosen family is forced to face changes they’ve been hiding from for so long. Completing the Word and Music trilogy by LAMBDA Literary Award winner Jewelle Gomez, Unpacking in P’Town is a portrait of the queer artists of color who paved the way for others to live out loud.


“Gomez is a real storyteller, maybe one of our best” – Bay Area Reporter

“Gomez deserves the highest praise” – Queer Cultural Center

Jewelle Gomez (Playwright, Cabo Verdean/Ioway/Wampanoag, pronouns: she/her) is a novelist, poet, and playwright. She is the author of seven books including the double Lambda Literary Award-winning, Black lesbian vampire novel, The Gilda Stories. Waiting for Giovanni, her play about James Baldwin, and Leaving the Blues, about Alberta Hunter, were commissioned and premiered at NCTC. She has written for numerous publications including The Village Voice, MS Magazine, The Advocate, San Francisco Chronicle, and Black Scholar.