My Brother’s Gift

Runs Oct 6Oct 27, 2024
Adapted by Claudia Inglis Haas from the writings and memories of Eva Geiringer Schloss
Directed by Andrew Jordan Nance
For ages 10 and up

Booking shows for SFUSD October 1-24, Tuesdays-Thursdays at 10 am and 11:30am. Check back soon for booking link.

Public performances can be booked on Sundays, October 6, 13, 20, 27 at 1 pm. 

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Anne Frank’s family and Heinz Geiringer’s family were neighbors in Amsterdam. After both Heinz and Margot were “called up” to work in a Nazi Labor camp, they went into hiding at roughly the same time. Anne Frank left a diary showing the difficulties of growing up in hiding. Heinz Geiringer left over twenty paintings and a book of poetry which show us both his hope for the future and the terror of the time. Heinz loved the arts. A trained musician, Heinz turned to painting and poetry to utilize his time. He painted on tea towels, pillowcases and any surface that he could find. During the play, we witness his artistic growth through his paintings, poetry and his sister’s remembrances. The paintings vary from a nostalgic love of the life he once led to the fears that were now part of his everyday existence. From the tender age of fifteen to seventeen, Heinz created a body of work that exists to this day. The play covers the power of art under unconscionable circumstances and how art is part of our collective humanity to cope, to heal and to hope.

Adapted by Claudia Inglis Haas from the writings and memories of Eva Geiringer Schloss and the poetry and paintings of Heinz Geiringer.

Playwright Claudia Inglis Haas (pronouns: she/her) has worked as a playwright, director, actor and teacher of theatre. She has created theatre in schools (including their gymnasiums and cafeterias), caves, nature centers and libraries. Theatre is everywhere. Claudia has fifty published plays which have seen over 1500 productions in every state in the U.S.A. as well as on five continents (Still looking for South American and Antarctica.) Her plays have been popular in the high school one-act play festival competitions and the ten-minute plays are used regularly for forensics.

Director Andrew Jordan Nance (pronouns: he/him) is the Founder and Lead Trainer for Mindful Arts San Francisco (MASF). Additionally, he offers trainings and assemblies around the globe for libraries, schools, and school districts to provide the principles of mindfulness to students and staff. His mindfulness training comes from Mindful Schools, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Omega and Esalen. A graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, for almost two decades, he was the Conservatory Director of New Conservatory Theatre Center, providing educational theater experiences for thousands of Bay Area youth and adults. He is the author of four popular Mindfulness books, PUPPY MIND, MINDFUL ARTS in the CLASSROOM, THE LION IN ME, published by Parallax Press, and distributed by Penguin Random House. THE BAREFOOT KING, published by Shambhala /Bala Books, was released in June 2020. Learn more at or

Eva Schloss (pronouns: she/her) is an Austrian-English Holocaust survivor, memoirist and stepdaughter of Otto Frank, the father of Margot and diarist Anne Frank. Schloss speaks widely of her family’s experiences during the Holocaust and is a participant in the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive project to record video answers to be used in educational tools. She has authored three books (The Promise, Eva’s Story, and After Auschwitz) and is a co-founder of the Anne Frank Trust in the UK. Learn more about the book that inspired this play here.