YouthAware Performances

The Emperor's New Posts
Runs Oct 3 - Nov 3, 2023
By Stephanie Temple
Grades 4-6
The Emperor's New Posts addresses the importance of empathy, body positivity, and friendship while tackling current challenges for youth including social media addiction, cyberbullying, peer pressure, and isolation.
My Brother's Gift
Runs Jan 30 - Mar 1, 2024
Adapted by Claudia Inglis Haas
Grades 6-8
This play covers the power of art under unconscionable circumstances and how art is part of our collective humanity to cope, to heal and to hope.
Puppy Mind
Runs Apr 9 - May 10, 2024
By Andrew Jordan Nance
Grades K-3
Through rhyming poetry, audience participation and easy-to-follow mindfulness tasks, Puppy Mind will help students calm their wandering “puppy minds” to promote wellness and focus.