People Are Talking

Below is some of the feedback we’ve received from students and teachers who have participated in YouthAware programs.


“The plays help make abstract ideas have a “face”, and this helps students understand better what is happening to them and maybe what they are doing to others.”

– David K., Commodore Sloat Elementary School

I find these plays and the post discussions they engender to be an integral an invaluable portion of my health education curriculum.

Daniel G., George Peabody Elementary School

“The students enjoy the performances and receive the necessary content to fulfill curricular standards that carried further back in the classroom.

– Mitch R., Claire Lillienthal Elementary School

“My students learn a lot from their educational theatre performances. They are engaging and informative.” 

– Candace C., San Andreas Continuation School

“There is no better way to educate young people than through live theater. It has the power to bring about dialogue which is the key that opens the door to begin change.”

 – Janine N., Mercy High School    

“The programs provided by YouthAware Educational Theatre have been essential in teaching tolerance at our high schools.” 

 – Andrew C., East Bay Arts High School

“Every time YouthAware performs at our school, the students are mesmerized by the performers. We rely on these performances to address issues of critical importance to our students.”

Marielle F., Ida B. Wells High School 


“The lessons I learned were how to prevent bullying, and don’t judge people by their looks, and try to make friends instead of hurting peoples feelings.”

– Commodore Soat Elementary Student

“The message was really clear, be yourself and respect who others are and who they will be.  Stay true to what you like, and that it’s okay to stick out in the crowd.”

– Presidio Middle School Student

“Not only did it teach us about diversity, it was incredibly entertaining and easy, and fun to watch, unlike any assembly I have ever encountered.”

– Presidio Middle School Student

“The play was believable and realistic and I could definitely picture the same incidents and events happening in middle and high schools.” 

Presidio Middle School Student