TransNational Cabaret

Runs Jul 11Aug 20, 2023
Conceived by Ed Decker, Curated by Richard A Mosqueda and Chris Steele
Watch for FREE now thru August 20th. Please donate to our partners Trans Lifeline and Trans Youth Equality to support Trans lives!

NCTC is re-releasing the transformative and transcendent TransNational Cabaret this summer. Enjoy watching for free and please consider donating to Trans Lifeline or Trans Youth Equality to support Trans lives! Artists from across the country unite to unearth the joy, power and magic of being Trans in this effervescent celebration. Featuring a variety of innovative performances,TransNational Cabaret highlights the vibrant kaleidoscope of the Trans experience.

Conceived by Ed Decker
Directed by Richard A Mosqueda
Curated by Richard A Mosqueda and Chris Steele
Hosted by Chris Steele in their drag persona Polly Amber Ross
Starring Polly Amber Ross, Kimiyah Prescott, Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi, StormMiguel Florez, Zad Gravebone, and Ezra Reaves

Read the program from the original premier in May 2021.

“Blown away by the energy – 48 Hills

“It’s a highly polished collection” – Bay Area Reporter

Ed Decker (pronouns: he/him) is the Founding Artistic Director of New Conservatory Theatre Center which opened its doors in 1981. NCTC is a San Francisco cornerstone institution leading in the fields of arts education as well as Queer and Allied theatre production. A graduate of the SFSU Theatre Department, he is extremely honored to continue his work with a wide array of artisans, administrators, activists, as well as his husband and writing partner Robert Leone with whom he collaborated on the world premiere of Rights of Passage – a love story set against the backdrop of the struggle for international human rights. Ed is looking forward to keeping the word “new” in the company’s namesake emblematic of fresh, vital, and transformative theatre.

Director Richard A Mosqueda (pronouns: he/she/they) is a queer, Mexican-American theater director and producer committed to new works and genre-defying theatrical events by queer artists of color. Richard’s work centers the celebration, reflection, and showcasing of the queer community, with an emphasis on queer, Latine/x stories. Some hallmarks of their work include pared down, ensemble-driven staging featuring live singing, stylized movement, dance, and exciting design accentuation. She has worked with such companies as Portland Center Stage, New Conservatory Theatre Center, Pipeline Theatre Company, Theatre Rhinoceros, Halcyon Theatre, Custom Made Theatre, and Shotgun Players. Richard was selected to be part of the SDC Foundation’s 2017-2018 Observership Class, where he observed Tony Award-Nominee Leigh Silverman at Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles. They are the co-founder and producer for Epic Party Theatre in San Francisco. Richard is currently the NNPN Producer in Residence for Marin Theatre Company. BFA: The Theatre School at DePaul University. SDC Associate.

Original performances from:

Host Chris Steele AKA Polly Amber Ross (they/she): queer trans nonbinary performance artist, writer, and activist

Dane Figueroa Edidi (she/her): dubbed the Ancient Jazz Priestess of Mother Africa, Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi is a Black Nigerian, Cuban, Indigenous, American Performance Artist, Author, Educator, Speech Writer, Playwright and Director

StormMiguel Florez (he/him): trans, queer Xicane filmmaker whose work includes award-winning documentaries

Zad Gravebone (he/him): cartoonist, animator, drag performer, and voice actor

Kimiyah Prescott (she/her): first-generation American born of pastoral Guyanese parents who performs in the LGBTQ underground ballroom scene

Ezra Reaves (they/them): professional performer, comedian, singer and experimental theater artist.

Additional artist support provided by Kareem Jay (filmed & edited Kimiyah Prescott’s performance) and Ada Westfall (composer for Chris Steele AKA Polly Amber Ross’s performance).