Puppy Mind

Runs Apr 16May 17, 2024
By Andrew Jordan Nance
On Tour For Grades K-3

CLICK HERE to book your FREE performance of Puppy Mind. At this time this performance available to SFUSD schools only.

Back by popular demand! Based on the bestselling children’s book Puppy Mind by Andrew Jordan Nance, this short interactive play invites students to join in the fun. Through rhyming poetry, audience participation and easy-to-follow mindfulness tasks, we’ll help students calm their wandering “puppy minds” to promote wellness and focus.

Written by Andrew Jordan Nance (learn more about Andrew’s work at andrewjnance.com and mindfulartssf.com)
Directed by Aliya Bacal Peterson

This K-3 touring program is provided FREE of charge for SFUSD schools and teachers. Performances are 20-minutes in length and schools are encouraged to book more than one performance to accommodate grades K-1& 2-3 groupings. The average audience size is approx. 75-125 students and our team can perform in most spaces including auditoriums, gyms, cafeterias, and libraries.

Contact Education Program Administrator Jamie Brooke (she/they) at Jamie@nctcsf.org or (415) 694-6159.

Nico Jaochico (Actor, pronouns: he/him) has been an active performer doing theatre for 10 years now, all starting with his introduction to singing in the high school choir. Since then he has gone on to develop a real passion for acting and impacting audiences of all walks of life through art. He believes it is through the passing of his ever growing knowledge and love of theatre, that will allow younger generations to find their own passions and expressions of themselves.

Karina Pugh (Actor, pronouns: she/her) is a San Francisco based actor and alumnus of the Sonoma State Theatre Department. At Sonoma, she was cast in department productions such as Woyzeck (Marie) and Twelfth Night (Sir Andrew). She was also involved in improv shows and local community theater shows like Miss Bennet (Mary) at Spreckles. Since graduating, she has worked in theatre, film, and voice-acting around the Bay Area.

Aliya Bacal Peterson (Stage Manager, pronouns: she/her) has performed with NCTC for the spring 2023 show of Puppy Mind, and fall 2023 show The Emperor’s New Post. After graduating from Sonoma State with her BA in acting, she has worked as a Teaching Artist with Marin Theatre Company teaching improv. She can also be found leading paranormal investigations with The Haunt Ghost Tours and dramatically dying as part of a murder mystery with the Dinner Detectives

Kaitlin Rosen (Stage Manager, pronouns: she/her) got her degree at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she was able to devise her own focus of study around adaptive storytelling and technical theatre, with a background in circus arts. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2014, she’s worked primarily as a stage manager. NCTC has been her artistic home for nearly 10 years, going out with the YouthAware program as well as staying in for main stage productions. 

“It was thoughtful, engaging, and delivered a clear message to students; one that will translate to more focused time on task in the classroom and enhanced learning.” – Jeremy Hilinski (Principal), Bret Harte Elementary

“Actors spoke slowly for ELD students and were understandable. Great to watch children pay attention.” – Christine Chin (2nd Grade Spanish Pathways Teacher), J Serra Elementary

“​​Puppy Mind was so engaging for all of our students and staff! Classes are continuing to practice their mindful sits and recognize when their puppy minds wander. It helps supplement our mindfulness and SEL instruction and we can’t wait to have them back again!” – Sean Wong (Teacher), Hillcrest Elementary

“Not only did the show reinforce mindfulness techniques they can use to keep themselves focused but it also gave them an interactive experience with the theatre arts. My students are still talking about the show weeks later and often suggest that we take 3 deep breaths as a whole class to refocus our Puppy Minds.” – Emma Zevin (Teacher), Paul Revere Elementary

“Our Kindergarteners loved the performance! It was an energetic, creative, and fun way to learn how their feelings can be acknowledged and managed through using mindfulness skills.” – Kristina Kim (Teacher), Grattan Elementary

“My kindergartners absolutely loved the Puppy Mind show! They still talk about it and like to take breaks to free their ‘puppy mind.’ Thank you again for presenting it for our students!” – Christiane Brossi (Spanish Bilingual Teacher – DLEAF), Gudadalupe E.S.