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NCTC is proud to announce Non-Union auditions for the World Premiere Commission of:

SIMPLE MEXICAN PLEASURES by Eric Reyes Loo – Directed by Evren Odcikin

Runs April 4th – May 11th, 2025

Pay is $3,345 inclusive of rehearsal and performance

AUDITIONS: Tuesday, July 16th 4-8pm
Accepting Video Submissions: Due Sunday, July 14th

CALLBACKS: Sunday, July 21st 1-6pm

NCTC is located at 25 Van Ness Ave in SF. Click here for details on getting here.

Heartbroken from a breakup, Eric does what many do – deny the pain and skip town. But he finds it’s hard to enjoy a pozole in peace when the spirits of your ancestors are squabbling in both ears. Through raucous conversation with his ghostly guides and a surreally hot hookup, Eric’s impulsive trip to Mexico City awakens his need for identity, familial ties, and a deeper connection to his roots.


  • ERIC (M, 40s) Our Mexican/Chinese playwright and star. For story purposes, Eric should lean towards Mexican physically. Eric lives in queerness visually and physically–we find him smack in the middle of a midlife identity crisis. Smart, clever, self aware. Possesses a joy, but also a lived-in life experience.
  • MOM & AURORA (and briefly Jake Gyllenhaal)
    • MOM (F, 60s) * Mexican-American. Renewed. At times, overbearing. Energized, looks younger than her chronological age. Can be played by a performer in their 40s and 50s.
    • AURORA (F, 40s) Mexican Great Aunt. Lived in the early 20th century. Singer. Great comedic timing (snappy comedy is key). Bonus if the performer can play the guitar and sing. These characters span ditzy, aloof, loving, wonderful, and funny (but doesn’t know it).
  • PAT & CHINO (and briefly Harry Styles )
    • PAT (M, 30s) Brother. Analytical. Father of Three. Always unavailable – he is basically an outgoing phone message.
    • CHINO (M, 30s) Lived in the late 17th century. The original Chexican. These characters come with an edge–think, assholes who know they are assholes. More fun than mean. Must present as East Asian.
  • MAURICIO & TUPOC (and briefly Andrew Garfield)
    • MAURICIO (M, 30s) Mexican. Architect. Sexy. Contemporary. A warmth and directness to him.
    • TUPOC (M, 30s) Mexican. Architect. Sexy. Aztec. Dreamy and confident. Must be comfortable shirtless and comfortable in queerness. Tupoc is the original queen–we are looking for the kind of character performer who can sparkle and embrace their costume to the fullest. Not a parody of a gay person, their exuberance arises from a strong place. These characters feel like adults in their 30’s as opposed to early/late 20’s.

Please prepare the monologues indicated for your characters at the link below. No need to memorize.

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