24-25 Season

We hope you’re ready to pack your metaphorical luggage and join us for some exciting escapades in NCTC’s 2024-25 Season. This season, we will visit the rivers, creeks, lakes and bayous of Alabama, Philadelphia, Disneyland, Mexico City, Palm Springs, Saskatchewan, and even the afterlife! Find all of these fabulous destinations and more in one dynamic storytelling itinerary filled with comedy, drama, music, discovery, and a treasure trove of fascinating characters.

Runs Sep 20 - Oct 20, 2024
Both madly hilarious and surprisingly introspective, this award-winning musical poses the question of what makes a life well-lived, or in some cases, worth saving.
The Gulf
Runs Oct 18 - Nov 24, 2024
On a small fishing boat on the Alabama Delta, a tranquil evening of playful banter takes a volatile turn as two lovers witness the weight of their unspoken words.
Deep Inside Tonight!
Runs Dec 4, 2024 - Jan 5, 2025
The Kinsey Sicks bring their glorious award-winning harmonies to the NCTC stage where it all began in celebration of their 30th anniversary tour.
Wild With Happy
Runs Mar 7 - Apr 6, 2025
When the process of grieving his mother involves an overly enthusiastic funeral director, and a demanding Aunt Glo, there’s nowhere for Gil to turn but a wild grab-an-urn-and-go roadtrip to find his fairytale ending.
Simple Mexican Pleasures
Runs Apr 4 - May 11, 2025
What started as Eric’s impulsive post-breakup trip to Mexico City turns into a spiritual search for identity, familial ties, and a deeper connection to his roots.
To My Girls
Runs May 9 - Jun 8, 2025
A tight group of gay men reunite in Palm Springs for a weekend of rekindling friendships, toasting the end of the pandemic, and the biggest highlight: recording a lip-synched music video.